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Purity Has Purpose

By Lori Burgos

Pastor at City Wide Church and blogger at

I’ve been following the Purity + Peace Ministry for some time now and throughout this journey I have seen more love, truth and freedom birthed from this community of women than any other local ministry I’ve followed or been involved with. 

While the daily posts, blogs and small groups have served to be a place of encouragement, accountability and community for myself and many other women, this past fall I had the opportunity to participate in the Purity Ceremony which blessed my life in a way I can hardly articulate. 

Purity + Peace provides a safe space for women to heal, connect and cultivate healthy relationships while realizing their worth and value as God sees it. The Purity Ceremony was  a beautiful public expression of this revelation. Seeing women both married and single, of all ages, from all walks of life, gathering together to embrace their past but honor their future, making a vow to protect the purity of their body and soul, unapologetically and unashamed was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever participated in. 

Leading up to the ceremony I felt as though the Lord showed me that like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, our purity has purpose.

Through the purity of one woman, all of earth and eternity changed. One woman, with a pure heart and pure body conceived the Savior of our world.

So what more can God do through a tribe of women committed to purity in all places of life? 

Purity + Peace leads women into hope and healing, showing them that God’s way is the best way and with Him, their is fullness of joy, life and relationship. 

I’m so thankful for Victoria, Purity + Peace and all of their team for their commitment to this cause and obedience to the Lord’s will. Women everywhere have settled for less than God’s best for far too long and it’s time that we experience the radical healing available to us through Jesus. Purity + Peace is the place or dare I say the movement through which this truth can be realized. 


Pastor Lori will once again be facilitating the Purity Ceremony coming up on Sunday, April 28 at Gospel Light Community Church in Bridgeport at 7PM. You can find the live video of the Purity Ceremony she facilitated last fall here.

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