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Wounded in Friendships, Healed in Christ

By Amanda Robles


When I first caught wind of Purity + Peace, I was curious about it. I honestly wondered what all the hype was about. After hearing a few women from my church say how healing it was, I made the conscious decision to try it out. I had a vague understanding of purity, thinking that it was for women who were single and saving themselves for marriage despite their age. I didn't realize that it was so much more than that. I wasn't even aware that you can also apply purity to everything in your life, including your marriage. Crazy, right?


Prior to attending the group, I had been hurt mentally and emotionally from a friendship that I carried near and dear to my heart for almost 16 years. I had lost hope and trust in having

friendships with women and opening up about anything. You can only imagine how hard it was for me to even attend this group seeing that it was for women only, but I stepped out in faith.


Before walking into the first class, I skimmed through the Purity + Peace workbook and material for the classes and was overcome with so much fear. Fear of being in such a large crowd (about 40 or so). Fear of speaking up. Fear of trusting.

I immediately felt out of my element, looking anxiously around the room, not ready for any of it.

I began to feel sick to my stomach and ready to run out the front door of the church to my car in order to escape. But GOD whispered to me in that moment, “You’re right where you are supposed to be...Stay.” I was so uncertain about staying, but I knew I had to be obedient to God and shame the devil. Despite feeling out of place, I gave it a chance. I sat in the circle attentive but stood quiet most of the time.

BREAKTHROUGH Fast forward: one night we spoke about “Soul Ties.” Lord, did that bring up heavy emotions I wasn’t ready to bear. That night I remember a woman coming over to me, holding me and praying God’s peace over me. In that moment, I literally felt God healing the pain that I held onto for so long. It's the kind of wounds I didn’t even know that I needed healing from. I wept and cried uncontrollably, but inside something was happening. I felt the weight of so many things fall off. Surrendering that pain was purifying and peaceful, and this was exactly what God wanted me to experience in this Bible study.


In all honesty, learning the material in six weeks wasn’t long enough for me, which Is why I intend to take it again for an even deeper experience. I know there are more

areas that still need to work on and I'm open to another season of healing that God has perfectly planned for me.

Purity + Peace taught me how to utilize community, which was something that I struggled with.

I had an issue with opening up to other women and letting friendships transpire because I had been let down by so many people over the years. God opened my heart to receive community from the woman who were going through similar things as me in this Bible study. I've gone from someone who was "okay" with being alone to someone who smiles all the time and has made so many God-ordained friendships.


Purity + Peace provided a place where I can feel safe and open, even though I rarely spoke during that session. It even introduced me to Mama Lois, Purity + Peace's elder and spiritual mother, whom I absolutely adore. She completely wrecked me the night she prayed over me and my marriage and is truly an inspiring and amazing Woman of God. And of course, it introduced me to Victoria Garcia, the author of the Purity + Peace Bible study, who happened to lead my session. Victoria listened to me when I needed an ear the most and gave nothing short of Godly advice. She is a blessing to have in my life.

My walk with God and using what I have learned from Purity + Peace is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am filled with gratitude for this community of women and the

amazing friendships that have blossomed. I can't wait to take it again and see what God has in store for me the second time around.

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