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M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T 

To bring women closer to God and create a safe space for any women to heal from past hurts by providing a support system so that they will not move forward alone.

Join the six-week women’s Bible study that is helping women heal from past wounds. 


Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? 


Are you unable to move forward in victory because you can’t get over a past relationship? 


Are you struggling to bond with others and find true community in the body of Christ?


Do you need to severe Soul Ties from past sexual relationships?


Are you ready for a change in your spiritual, emotional and physical life?

Take a journey toward purity of mind, body and spirit.

Take a step of faith toward hope and peace.



to heal

Purity + Peace is a women’s support group created by Victoria Lynn Rosa-Garcia from Bridgeport, Connecticut, that is rooted in Bible study, assisted by group discussion and personal testimonies to provide a safe environment where women can heal from emotional and mental baggage.


This group is for any women, married or single, seeking healing and reconciliation from past hurts and “failures” (whether from romantic relationships, family, friendships, poor choices, bad habits, etc.) and are seeking accountability in remaining 

mentally and physically pure.


If you feel strained with life, stress, anxiety/depression and want to commit to purity, this group will help you get on track toward purity and peace. 

P U R I T Y  C E R E M O N Y 

Make a new commitment to God at 

our Purity Ceremony.

Fall 2018 Purity Ceremony

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