DOMINICK 'DJ' GARCIA is a worship guitarist, Bible teacher, and motivational speaker from Bridgeport, CT. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to Connecticut at eight years old. At the age of 14, Dominick accepted Christ as his personal savior at a Youth Convention and it changed the trajectory of his life, leading him on a path toward ministry. Dominick graduated from Common Ground High School in New Haven, CT in 2012. Dominick has traveled to India and Puerto Rico on mission trips and has been the guest speaker for local youth retreats such as SURVIVOR and other events. Dominick is the host of the Pure Love Podcast, the creator & co-author of the men’s Bible Study called Purity + Maturity, and owner of Pure Love & Health Ministries with his wife Victoria, a ministry dedicated to helping men and women heal from past hurts; mind, body, and spirit.


Victoria 'Vikki' Garcia is a worship singer, Bible teacher, and motivation speaker from Bridgeport, CT. Raised in the church, Victoria accepted Christ as her personal savior at 12 years old and was very active in many ministries growing up such as worship, Vacation Bible School  (VBS), dance/theater, and leading Bible studies. All of this encouraged her to pursue missions in her youth, where she traveled to India, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic. Victoria lived in Orlando, FL for a while where she worked for TBN at the Holy Land Experience and was the children's minister at Bethel Christian Church in Orlando. She is currently a director in the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology at Sacred Heart University, where she assists college students to discover their purpose. Victoria is the author of Purity + Peace, a women’s Bible study that provides a safe space for women to heal while learning truths from the Word of God. She is also the owner of Pure Love and Health Ministries with her husband Dominick, a ministry dedicated to helping men and women heal from past hurts; body, mind, and spirit.