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Victoria's Latest Teaching on Faith

Be sure to download the sermon notes for this teaching here: SERMON NOTES

About Pure Love + Health Ministries

At Pure Love + Health Ministries, our mission is clear: to create safe spaces where men and women can heal — mind, body, and spirit — anchored in the love of Christ and guided by the timeless wisdom of the Bible.


As a Christian community, we treasure fellowship, embrace deep-rooted connections, and engage in meaningful Bible study and discussions with the utmost confidentiality. While we're not a church entity, we are a ministry that stands as a beacon of hope, offering intimate discipleship and restoration to those seeking Biblical spiritual growth, alignment, and/or renewal.


It's our privilege to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, empowering them to return to their home churches strengthened and revitalized. For those without a church home, we encourage and support them in finding one where they can continue to grow in their faith. Join hands with us in answering the call of the Great Commission to make disciples. Let's journey together as we live deeply in the pure love of Christ, fostering health in our minds, body, and spirit.

It's your turn to heal

Purity + Peace Small Groups are back!


After a year off, Purity + Peace is back!

To discover more about our women's small group Bible studies, click here.

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P U R E  R E S O U R C E S

S T A Y  C O N N E C T E D

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