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Sisters' Sunday Adventure

Updated: Mar 9

By Victoria Rosa-Garcia

Founder of Pure Love + Health Ministries


Hello, fellow adventurers in our Pure Love + Health Family!

If you're a bonafide Millenial like me, you thrive on the thrill of a new adventure. From exploring exotic destinations to sampling the trendiest foods, adventure is practically in our DNA. It's also the norm to share life's exciting moments with others on social media — encouraging others to join in on the fun. Whether it's snapping Insta-worthy travel pics or indulging in delicious meals at top-rated restaurants, in this day in age, we've made the pursuit of adventure a daily lifestyle.

Victoria drinking coffee at the Roasted Bean
Me enjoying a coffee flight at the Roasted Bean in Bristol, Connecticut. I want to invite you to join me!
But what if I told you that the greatest adventure of all awaits us in our walk with God?

From the dawn of time, God has been leading His people on incredible journeys filled with twists, turns, and miraculous moments. From the Garden of Eden to the parting of the Red Sea, His adventures are nothing short of awe-inspiring. And the best part? He invites us to join Him on these wild rides of faith.

As we come off of our sabbatical year, I've been on a mission to infuse our community with the same spirit of adventure that we find in the scriptures. That's why we're sharing more local community events in our email blasts & newsletters. I pray you begin to engage, take risks to meet new people, and build relationships with other believers in our area. Adventure requires us to branch out, enjoy out-of-the-ordinary experiences, and explore.

As for Pure Love + Health, I've been asking the Lord: "What does adventure in our community look like?"

I landed on a vision for Sisters' Sunday Adventure, which infuses fun, fellowship, and worship (peace).

Picture this: A leisurely morning spent sipping coffee flights and indulging in delicious breakfast treats at The Roasted Bean in Bristol, Connecticut. Surrounded by the company of sisters-in-Christ, we'll laugh, share stories, and strengthen our bonds of fellowship. But the adventure doesn't stop there. After fueling up on caffeine and camaraderie, we'll journey together to Thrive Church in Terryville, Connecticut, where we'll worship and praise God, together.

Instead of rushing through another Sunday as usual, let's pause, retreat, and savor the beauty of sisterhood and God's love. Let's trade the chaos for calm, the noise for nature, and the ordinary for the extraordinary.

So, my fellow adventurers, I invite you to join me for a peaceful morning to interrupt the hustle of life and adventure out into the unknown places of our state. Let's make memories, deepen our relationships with each other, and experience worship in a new and exciting place.

Are you ready to make the first Sisters' Sunday Adventure unforgettable?

I know I am.

Until then, stay adventurous!

Victoria Rosa-Garcia

Founder of Pure Love + Health Ministries

P.S. The first woman to arrive will get their coffee covered! Our gift to you.

Share the image below on your social media & invite your friends.

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