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  • Discovery Mentoring Session

    You want growth but can't seem to get UNSTUCK! You have goals, but you're not quite sure how to move forward. This 30-minute online one-on-one allows us to chat and discover what your barriers are and why these barriers may not be allowing you to move forward.

  • Dive Deep Session

    Have you been trying to make serious changes in your life but can't seem to get started? Are you stuck on hurts from your past, that you're not able to see a better future? In a dive-deep session, we'll be able to identify what's keeping you stuck and then creating an action plan that will get you on your way toward your goals.

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  • A Journey to Purity

    By Josefina Banks, Purity + Peace leader Member of City Wide Church of Bridgeport, Connecticut AN ACCIDENT, OR WAS IT? I remember taking my first Purity + Peace class in the summer of 2017. ...I honestly ended up in the class by accident. Our church had another women’s group that was taking place around the same time, on the same day, and I had planned to attend that group instead. When I walked in and asked "Where's the woman's group?," I was directed down stairs. That was how I ended up in my first Purity + Peace class. Coincidence or not, God knew what he was doing. What I had experienced that night left me needing more. WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO? Because of the happenstance, I didn’t know much about Purity + Peace or what to expect. You might be curious about it too, so let me share: The course provided a safe, judgement-free atmosphere to help deal with past hurts, traumas, and shame — while we learned about who we are in Christ. I learned how God sees me, despite my past. This six-week course that used biblical scriptures, gave me a deeper understanding of God’s word and how it applies to my life as a women. It was the type of talk and teaching I had never experienced before; something refreshing and powerful. MY ROAD TO CELIBACY I was working through my own process of purity through celibacy and transformation when I mistakenly walked into my first Purity + Peace session. Just prior to taking the class, I had decided I wanted to totally give my body to God. I wanted my body to be used as a temple of the Holy Spirit and do things God’s way. This decision and conviction came clear to me after I had heard a sermon series my church (CityWide in Bridgeport, Connecticut) had recently given. This life-changing sex series taught me things about sex from a proper, biblical perspective. For the first time, something penetrated my soul. I knew I had never truly valued myself in the manner that God wanted me to. I had been looking for LOVE in all the wrong places when all along God was the biggest missing puzzle piece. It was time for me to love myself enough to say "NO" to impure things. Purity + Peace only enforced and supported my decision. It was amazing to be in an environment that was going to help me stay strong but also challenge me to apply purity in all areas of my life: mind, body and spirit. I have learned that we can be impure with our words, thoughts and actions — not just sexually with our bodies. It goes way beyond just premarital sex. While being pure in the world's understanding can mean "virginity," to God, it means a lot more than that. IT BLESSES ME AGAIN AND AGAIN Upon realizing my first Purity + Peace session wasn't the actual women’s group I originally planned on attending, I decided to split my time between the two groups. Because of this, I wasn't able to dive in as deep my first go around. Nevertheless, I met amazing women on this journey that most people may never get the opportunity to travel. I knew I needed to attend more sessions and I needed to tell others about it. So I invited one of my cousins to attend a class with me. Today, I have taken Purity + Peace four times. Each experience was different and I gained more ground in the biblical truth of “Iron Sharpens Iron.” The leaders and women helped me grow and develop while I was broken and immature in many areas. Fear had debilitated me for many, many years. Now, with God at the center, my new church family, and the blessings found through Purity + Peace, my life is transformed. OUTCOMES I maintained my purity vow for two years. With this obedience came blessings! My boyfriend (now husband) popped the BIG question and I was married a year later. My testimony inspired my husband to follow my lead because he saw the change in me, choosing to get baptized on the same day I got baptized, and started his own walk and commitment. We both gave up drinking alcohol and worked toward reaching our fullest potential with our Father in Heaven. Prior to this, we had dated for six-and-a-half years, living in disobedience and recklessness. Our relationship was filled with all sorts of issues as a result. We got into some things that were wild and crazy! Let’s just say, I am so happy that “Jesus took the Wheel!" Even now, God is doing some amazing things in both of our lives. While marriage isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t have it any other way. God blessed me with a great husband! ALTAR CALL We all have a past. Our purity and mental health can be compromised by all sorts of things! Our pasts wounds may have robbed us of our innocence. We may have experienced abuse that caused anger and unforgiveness. We may undervalue ourselves because we believe what society says about us. We may be tainted by all the disappointments. We may be rundown by the manipulation and lies of Satan. You may still be living your life based on worldly standards, not knowing you were bought at a price and are STILL gems in God's eyes. God's standards are worthy of pursuing. He will only expect the best for His children. And His way has proven to be the BEST way! If He did it for me, he can do it for YOU. MY TURN TO LEAD In all the sessions of Purity + Peace I have taken, each leader has blessed me in some form or fashion. And on my fifth session of Purity + Peace, God has called me to teach and lead the class out of my own home, so I can PAY IT FORWARD. I get the privilege to share the FREEDOM found in knowing the truth. Thank you God! And, a big THANK YOU to these amazing & gorgeous women: Victoria Garcia (The Founder and Author of P+P & my fourth session leader). Lois Caposella - (Our Spiritual Mother) Yvette Garcia - (My first session leader) Kimani Sioux - (My second session leader) Zaibel Torres - (My third session leader) Thanks for answering the call ladies! Sincerely, Josie Banks (Purity + Peace Leader)

  • Wounded in Friendships, Healed in Christ

    By Amanda Robles When I first caught wind of Purity + Peace, I was curious about it. I honestly wondered what all the hype was about. After hearing a few women from my church say how healing it was, I made the conscious decision to try it out. I had a vague understanding of purity, thinking that it was for women who were single and saving themselves for marriage despite their age. I didn't realize that it was so much more than that. I wasn't even aware that you can also apply purity to everything in your life, including your marriage. Crazy, right? FRIENDSHIP WOUNDS Prior to attending the group, I had been hurt mentally and emotionally from a friendship that I carried near and dear to my heart for almost 16 years. I had lost hope and trust in having friendships with women and opening up about anything. You can only imagine how hard it was for me to even attend this group seeing that it was for women only, but I stepped out in faith. FEAR-FULL Before walking into the first class, I skimmed through the Purity + Peace workbook and material for the classes and was overcome with so much fear. Fear of being in such a large crowd (about 40 or so). Fear of speaking up. Fear of trusting. I immediately felt out of my element, looking anxiously around the room, not ready for any of it. I began to feel sick to my stomach and ready to run out the front door of the church to my car in order to escape. But GOD whispered to me in that moment, “You’re right where you are supposed to be...Stay.” I was so uncertain about staying, but I knew I had to be obedient to God and shame the devil. Despite feeling out of place, I gave it a chance. I sat in the circle attentive but stood quiet most of the time. BREAKTHROUGH Fast forward: one night we spoke about “Soul Ties.” Lord, did that bring up heavy emotions I wasn’t ready to bear. That night I remember a woman coming over to me, holding me and praying God’s peace over me. In that moment, I literally felt God healing the pain that I held onto for so long. It's the kind of wounds I didn’t even know that I needed healing from. I wept and cried uncontrollably, but inside something was happening. I felt the weight of so many things fall off. Surrendering that pain was purifying and peaceful, and this was exactly what God wanted me to experience in this Bible study. GOING DEEPER In all honesty, learning the material in six weeks wasn’t long enough for me, which Is why I intend to take it again for an even deeper experience. I know there are more areas that still need to work on and I'm open to another season of healing that God has perfectly planned for me. Purity + Peace taught me how to utilize community, which was something that I struggled with. I had an issue with opening up to other women and letting friendships transpire because I had been let down by so many people over the years. God opened my heart to receive community from the woman who were going through similar things as me in this Bible study. I've gone from someone who was "okay" with being alone to someone who smiles all the time and has made so many God-ordained friendships. A SAFE SPACE + COMMUNITY Purity + Peace provided a place where I can feel safe and open, even though I rarely spoke during that session. It even introduced me to Mama Lois, Purity + Peace's elder and spiritual mother, whom I absolutely adore. She completely wrecked me the night she prayed over me and my marriage and is truly an inspiring and amazing Woman of God. And of course, it introduced me to Victoria Garcia, the author of the Purity + Peace Bible study, who happened to lead my session. Victoria listened to me when I needed an ear the most and gave nothing short of Godly advice. She is a blessing to have in my life. My walk with God and using what I have learned from Purity + Peace is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am filled with gratitude for this community of women and the amazing friendships that have blossomed. I can't wait to take it again and see what God has in store for me the second time around.

  • Defeating Depression

    By Jessica Ramos Return to Rest oh my soul, For the Lord has been good to me For you, Lord, have delivered me from death, My eyes from tears, My feet from stumbling That I may walk before the Lord in the land of the living Psalm 116:7-9 There was a time that darkness consumed every bit of my being. My chest felt tight, my heartbeat was as fast as a caged bird — flapping around in agony, desiring to escape, with no hope in sight. My palms were moist, a knot formed so tightly in my throat that it felt like I was constantly gasping helplessly for air. Hope(less), with no end of the pain and agony I felt each and every day. Wishing, pleading, looking for a way out — but the only way out that I could see was death. Getting out of bed each day felt like a beast of its own. As soon as my eyes opened each morning the deep ache in my heart began. I lived in a state of fight or flight, always moving, always thinking — followed by overthinking. Some days I moved so fast to get through my routine that I couldn’t even remember how I got from one task to the next. I lived in a state of autopilot. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin whether I was alone or surrounded by other people; you know, that feeling like your skin is literally crawling. Most days I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience, an empty-shell-version of myself went through the motions day in and day out, while my spirit screamed in desperation as she saw the disaster ensue before her eyes. Depression starts off small at times. Life takes a hard turn and it brings sadness, stress, worry, anxiety. These symptoms, if not addressed, can grow into a roaring beast. In my darkness, I fought each and every day to feel better, to be better. I went to yoga almost every day, I ran anywhere from three-to-five miles every other day, I meditated, I gardened regularly, I sat on the beach and felt the sand in my toes as I watched the sunset, I ate a completely clean diet, I lost weight. Even still, I got in my car daily to commute to work and thought about crashing my car into the nearest guard rail, and that was the only thought that brought me even the slightest bit of relief. In this midst of my hurt, God began to meet me exactly where I was and I didn’t even know it. “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still” Exodus 14:14 In the middle of a hot and sweaty power yoga class, I stopped my practice after an extremely difficult sequence and got into a child’s pose — a pose of surrender, a pose of rest. I laid there with my forehead pressed to my yoga mat, trying to catch my breath and trying to make sense of my feelings. As I laid there, I wept. That was the first time in years that I felt as if the presence of the Lord was all around me, it consumed me until all of the emotions that I fought so hard to push and pack down as much as I could come right up to the top of the cup and spilled out of me like a floodgate had been released. At the depths of my pain, I remember a day that I was at whits end. I felt so triggered at that moment that I knew I needed help. I reached out to a close friend and told her that I was having suicidal thoughts and I began to scare myself because I had begun to make a plan. She asked that I come over right after work, and I did. I remember sitting on the floor of her apartment and weeping from my soul. As I laid there and wept, God showed up. She told me that a few months before, The Lord had given her a note for me, but He told her to wait to share it with me. She shared it with me that day. “I love you dearly my sweet daughter. Do not count failures, stack them up neatly and store them in the hidden closet in the back room. Remember that I wash all things new. My mercies are new each and every day, but they are hard to see and feel when you are busy keeping things neat and tidy in your own strength. Come to me, I will give you rest. Meet me in the place we have always met time and time again. The secret place, I am waiting for you there. The place where we worked out things in the past. Just you and me.“ If I broke apart this love letter to you to show you how many times God confirmed that this was straight-up him, this testimony would go on and on. What I will share about this love letter is that he confirmed the foundation of my struggle — doing everything in my OWN strength. He also confirmed something that I had rarely ever shared with anyone, my term for my quiet time for him - my secret place. Long before the worship song “Wrap me in your arms” ever came out, this had been my name for my quiet time. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion…” Philippians 1:6 By no means am I a trained professional on the topic of depression and anxiety. I can only share my experience from the perspective of someone who suffered for a very long time with it. There was a combination of both spiritual work and physical work that took place for the journey of healing to begin to take place. For me, it meant going to the secret place on a regular basis — and I allowed that time to look different every day. Some days all I did was journal a couple of minutes, other days I would incorporate hand lettering into my journal of my favorite verse or worship song. And some days I ugly-cried in my car as I screamed at God. I allowed myself to feel my pain, to sit with my discomfort, and I became vulnerable to a few trusted people. I also met with my doctor and told him what had been happening, I was placed on an antidepressant and a medication to take in the middle of the panic attacks. I was hesitant at first to start a medication. But after discussing the benefits with my doctor and weighing out the pros and cons, I decided to start it with an end in mind. I was on these medications for no more than a year before deciding that it was time to come off. It’s been more than two years. While there are times that I feel triggered, I have continued to support my journey of healing through meeting with a therapist regularly, finding a community of women that I can lean on, and most importantly, keeping my connection to God in my quiet place. It’s where and how healing happens the fastest… In his presence. “…in your presence there is fullness of joy…” Psalms 16:11 People tend to see suicide as the deepest form of selfishness. They see it only from the perspective of the family and friends left with this gaping hole of hurt and unanswered questions in their hearts. I do not want to take away the grief, pain, and confusion that comes with such tragedy. But I would like to offer some thoughts. Have we considered the gaping hole that had been widening in the heart of our loved one who felt that the only option left was to take their life? Did we stop and look up from our phones long enough to realize there was an issue? Did we see the signs and not say anything because it's uncomfortable? Did we see them slowly slipping away and were we too busy with our own problems? Can we take more responsibility than just posting a hotline number on social media when celebrities' suicide triggers emotion? Can we take action, and actually be the hands and feet of Christ. I not only want to share my testimony with you, but I also want to bring about a call to action. The battle of depression and mood disorders are taking the lives of many. Can we help encourage each other, reach out more, be intentional in our friendships and relationships, check in on one another, do something more than just talk about it? Can we gather together and declare spiritual warfare against the enemy who is constantly trying to kill, steal, and destroy our minds, hearts, and lives? What can you do? Today I challenge you to take a step toward being a deeper part of someone's life by checking in on them, praying for them and genuinely seeing how they are doing.

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    HOME K-Rock Family Fund PURE LADIES PURE GENTLEMEN PURE MEDIA PURE FACTS SHOP & SERVICES CONTACT US Groups List More GIVE A FINANCIAL GIFT A healing journey begins with one step... Choose your journey to pure love! Man up and discover your full potential! DISCOVER MORE Are you feeling defeated in this season? You've been trying your very best to succeed and you can't seem to shake this funk! There's only one way to go, and that's up. Sign up for this men's small group Bible study to discover how to breakthrough! Ladies, it's your turn to heal! Are past hurts and fears holding you back from moving forward? If you're ready for a blank slate, this women's small group Bible study will help you gain the knowledge and strength you need to leave your past behind. SIGN UP Final 2021 P+P Session Tue, Oct 26 Seven-Week Online Course Oct 26, 7:00 PM EDT – Dec 07, 10:00 PM EST Seven-Week Online Course Join the seven-week women’s Bible study that is helping ladies heal from past wounds. It's YOUR TURN to heal! We create a safe space so you can do so. Join us! REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 4, 2021 +11 more Details "I want something more personal" When processing your pain, sometimes being in a group setting is too much. You might need a more intimate setting where you can work out your feelings and thoughts with someone one-on-one. We find that this is one of the best ways to start your healing journey, so sign up for your appointment today! MAKE APPOINTMENT Shop Now Open! Shop

  • Purity + Maturity Sign Up | Purity + Peace

    HOME K-Rock Family Fund PURE LADIES PURE GENTLEMEN PURE MEDIA PURE FACTS SHOP & SERVICES CONTACT US More Discover your destiny Registration Register here for the 7-week Purity + Maturity men's Bible study group. You will receive email confirmation and instructions soon. First Name Last Name Email Phone What church do you attend? Would you like to join the group by web stream? Yes No Continue

  • SIGN UP | Purity + Peace | United States

    HOME K-Rock Family Fund PURE LADIES PURE GENTLEMEN PURE MEDIA PURE FACTS SHOP & SERVICES CONTACT US More Your healing starts here Final 2021 P+P Session Tue, Oct 26 Seven-Week Online Course Oct 26, 7:00 PM EDT – Dec 07, 10:00 PM EST Seven-Week Online Course Join the seven-week women’s Bible study that is helping ladies heal from past wounds. It's YOUR TURN to heal! We create a safe space so you can do so. Join us! REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 4, 2021 +9 more RSVP NOT READY TO REGISTER? > I accept terms & conditions Thanks for submitting! Most Recent Blog Posts A Journey to Purity 120 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Wounded in Friendships, Healed in Christ 65 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Defeating Depression 221 0 14 likes. Post not marked as liked 14

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